So you’re spending your Saturday night like you normally do: alone with a DiGiorno in the oven and ‘Jersey Shore’ DVRed. What if, while sinking your teeth into that not-delivered goodness, you saw a guido-fied Jesus taking shots with Snooki? Well, with Guido Jesus, the nightmare of Jesus were from Jersey might just become a reality. The Lord has risen, and he has the golden brown biceps of Ronnie. Rejoice for Guido Jesus:

Guido Jesus Good For Triceps

Jesus Were From Jersey Loves Protein

Guido Jesus Who Would Jesus Do?

Guido Jesus Is Going To Get Nailed

Guido Jesus Meme

If Jesus Were From Jersey

Guido Jesus Flexes On The Cross

Guido Jesus As A Club Bouncer

Guido Jesus Epic Hangover

Guido Jesus

Jesus Turns the Other Cheek Jesus Were From Jersey

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