The scenester nerd is a specimen common to most high schools and colleges, and is the unfortunate product of an individual desperately trying to fit in while lacking the intelligence to do so. What results is an awkward and insincere attempt to ingratiate oneself in a subculture with no actual knowledge or immersion into the subculture itself. The Scenester Nerd is the worst offender, a girl so craven that she will do anything to pass herself off as a ‘nerd’. And so we present the Scenester Nerd meme:

Scenester Nerd Girl Marry Zelda

Scenester Nerd Meme iPhone Games

Scenester Nerd Meme Star Wars

Scenester Nerd Loves Mario

Scenester Nerd Girl Meme Intellectual

Scenester Nerd Indie Music

Scenester Nerd Meme Internet Explorer

Scenester Nerd Meme Skyrim

Scene Nerd Meme Photoshop Hacker

Scenester Nerd Writes for Gizmodo

Scene Nerd Meme 9Gag and Tumblr Memes

Scene Girl Nerd Meme Harry Potter

Scenester Nerd Meme Computer Nerd

Scene Girl Nerd Meme Anime

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