YouTube: it has everything under the sun from cats in boxes to the creepy overly attached girlfriend. In many ways, YouTube serves as the focal point of the internet and as such, attracts some rather… special individuals. We went to the trouble of finding some of the dumbest YouTube comments ever:

But… his YOLO swag!

Dumbest YouTube Comments Ever YOLO

What happens when you watch too many Justin Bieber videos

Dumbest YouTube Comments Ever Mom

This is about whales…. I think?!??!

Stupid YouTube Comments Whales

Can anyone explain this to me?!

Stupid YouTube Comments Pantys

2012 YouTube debate champion

Stupid YouTube Comments Retarded

Dumbest YouTube Comments Ever: Goth power!

Dumbest YouTube Comments Goth

Dumbest YouTube Comments Ever: Gold Bro… Gold

Stupid YouTube Comments Gold

Europe is a great country

Stupid YouTube Comments Europe

Haven’t they seen Steven Tyler’s face?

Stupid YouTube Comments Eminem

The important question to ask after any YouTube video

Stupid YouTube Comments Died

And here comes the low-point of the internet…

Dumbest YouTube Comments Brownies

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