5. Corgi Puppy Versus a Piece of Ice


Corgis are never not cute, especially in puppy form. So really there’s nothing better than kicking back and enjoying a corgi do just about anything…including fight with some ice.

4. Defining Secessionists


The jokes write themselves, folks. “SECDEE” indeed.

3. A Cool Kayaking Trip


It’s comical just how not green Greenland is, huh? But check out these intrepid kayakers giving it a go in one of Greenland’s rivers.¬†

2. One Very WTF-y Kids Book


Let’s see mom and dad explain this one to the kiddies…if they even have to. They can read it all on their own!

1. 11 Of The Dumbest YouTube Comments Ever


Ugh…I can’t. I just can’t.¬†

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