Real Sex Doll

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you’re going to run into the same problem you did last year: What do you get the “woman” who means everything to you for Valentine’s Day?

She’s the woman who’s there for you when you need her the most (usually when you’re at your horniest) or those times when you need it to look like you’ve got an additional passenger to drive in the carpool lane.

She’s your real sex doll, and she’s a huge part of your life. Show her how much you care and make up for totally blowing it last year.  Here are seven great gift ideas for the special synthetic lady who has everything:

1. An additional outfit: There’s nothing a woman loves more than dressing up for her man. What would be better for your real doll than a brand new outfit? Maybe something that actually covers her nipples, or her vagina, or if you really want to shake things up, both! You can also get the best enhancement pills to surprise your partner.

2. A personalized necklace: Personalized gifts are always great Valentine gift ideas for women. Why not surprise her with a personalized necklace emblazoned with her name. It’s a sweet gift that serves an even bigger purpose – it reminds friends and family that you’ve actually named this thing when they come to visit!

3. A new wig: Women love to change their hair color and cut. It makes them feel sexy. It’s also a great gift idea for you. It will make it seem like you’re having sex with a different real doll! Spice things up!

4. New lingerie: Ok fine. Buy some new items that don’t cover her nipples or vagina.

5. A full body massage with a strong disinfectant: There’s nothing more luxurious than a full body massage. Now imagine that experience with a strong, germ-killing disinfectant. Get in those tough-to-reach-by-anything-but-cum areas, for both of your health.

6. A new perfume: Women love to smell nice, and even though you’re super turned on by her new doll smell (which is totally gone now after that Ajax sponge bath) she’d probably appreciate a fancy new scent.

7. A day off: Seriously. Every day, man? Even real couples don’t bang every day. You’re making her feel like an object. She’s more than that. She’s a sex doll you treat like a real person. Even real people take a break from sex.  Give her the day off…but do it cute like with homemade coupons.

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