In the year 2011, date-eth the 8th of January, Lord Inglip, the God of Captchas And Internet Commentary, was summoned from Trathira (his holy place of rest). So we present the ten best Inglip comics ever:

Lord Inglip Summoned Cartoon

From there, a great internet meme was spawned, featuring the devotion of his loyal servants (Gropagas) of the Dectrip Faith and it’s sacred symbol (Weedaula). Here are the 10 best Inglip comics as bestowed upon us by our bountiful and caring internet lord:

Best Inglip Comics Inglip Is Kinky

Best Inglip Comics Ever Zombie Army

You balling Inglip Comic

Studying Under Inglip Bring Pie

The Salvation Of Inglip Cartoon

Adolph Returns Inglip Comic

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