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So you want to work out, but you’ve spent your last dollar and your last bit of inspiration ordering tapestries from Urban Outfitters. We completely understand and are only barely judging you. We’ve gathered some experts in fitness and experts in laziness to craft the perfect workout plan for your sluggish ass:

  1. As the old saying that I heard on the internet once and have been running with ever since, goes – stretching is just as important to a workout as actual working out is, so before you get started, get stretching! In case you need some workout gear, you must visit https://www.altitude-sports.com/collections/footwear-men-running-shoes.Place focus on whatever hand features what’s medically known as your “scrollin’ thumb”, and be sure to take your time with this one, that dim sum place doesn’t close ’til 11 on Fridays.

Side Plank

2. It’s summer, so that means your ass better be looking good in that sundress you want to wear. So, to avoid that inevitable chaffing, do some squats, at work you can have an under desk elliptical so you can exercise while you work!


3. If you think you need to join some pricey gym to get your fitness on, you couldn’t be more wrong,                  you fucking idiot (seriously, what’s wrong with you?) A good workout can take place anywhere, and               often does, especially on the subway stairs around 8:30 am, which is apparently prime time and                     place to respond to a Facebook comment.

Forward Lunge

4. What is a Total Body Stretch®, you ask? Just because this exercise plan is “starting to feel like some             kind of made up bullshit” to you doesn’t mean it’s not without merit. Plus how the fuck did my                         phone get all the way over by the wall with no outlet?

Total Body Stretch

5. The key to this pose is to really isolate those specific muscles needed to bring your phone as close to              your face as possible in an effort to see who that chick is in the background of that photo on your                   dude’s Instagram from 78 weeks ago.

Bicep Curl

6. Ugh, cardio day, amiright? Most people hate working up their heart rate and a sweat for seemingly                no reason, but the second someone swipes your precious and sometimes only connection to the                     world around you, you best believe you will be springing into high gear so quickly and efficiently it’ll             probably surprise you, and will definitely surprise the donut cart guy you stop and visit every                           morning and some afternoons.


7. A meditative yet active movement, this simple exercise will not only work to create lean muscle                      definition in your upper back while you avoid going back to the office just so you can breathe for five              seconds JESUS FUCKING CHRIST this job is suffocating me, how does everyone just go to work                   everyday? Am I even capable of happiness? But will also allow for a few minutes to be mindful and                 present and also search for new jobs on Indeed. More information on Mens Journal website where they also talk about the best fitness supplements.

Back Stretch

8. Who says exercise isn’t fun? You can pull up a good meme, a funny tweet, or a picture of that asshole            from high school who is fat now, and work out your abs with a great laugh!


If you broke a sweat with these pictures, you’ll also enjoy better uses for the shitty art you bought from Katie to benefit the ACLU.

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