Trump Sexist

Now, a lot of people are saying that a Donald Trump presidency (coupled with a Republican-majority Congress — both Senate and House) represents a reversion to the 1950s, or some other earlier style of living in which women’s main purpose was to serve the needs of white heterosexual men and help make sure they stay in control. Indeed, the underlying argument here is that Donald Trump is a raging sexist.

But I say hang on just one hot sec why don’t ya!

If Trump’s so sexist, then why’s he only appointing male Secretaries, huh?

This guy is breaking gender norms left and right.

Let me tell you what I mean:

Imagine you’re in the 1950s, okay? If you weren’t alive for it, do your best. Seen any episodes of Mad Men? That might have been the 60s. Pretty close, though. Okay. Are you there? Imagine a bustling office. People dashing every which-a-way. Lots of important deals getting struck and the like. Okay, got it? Now. Who’s answering the phone? Who’s running the errands? Who’s bringing drinks to the big boss and his cronies while they discuss important business?


Guess what. Not anymore.

Not in this presidency.

Equality goes both ways, okay? If women are allowed to work jobs that are traditionally held by men (construction worker, engineer, president, etc.), then men need to be allowed to work jobs that are traditionally held by women. It’s only fair.

Honestly, I’m getting sick and tired of people calling our next president sexist. His Cabinet is going to be chock-full of male Secretaries. Word is he’s even going to appoint a male cook and a male gardener.

I even heard that the new gardener’s going to be a Mexican, so everybody back off with the allegations about Trump being racist too, would you please? Mexican, or Puerto Rican, or one of those ones.

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