Ah, the Philosoraptor, the sage of the internet hivemind and the profound thinker of life’s odd little idiosyncrasies. We know we’re a little behind on this, but we felt it was worth delving into the best of Philosoraptor meme, one of the internet’s best and confounding creations:

Philosoraptor Meme On What Language Do Deaf People Think In

Philosoraptor On The Magic School Bus Television Show

Philosoraptor On Women's Milk and Eggs

Philosoraptor Meme On On Pinocchio And Lying

Philosoraptor On Drinking And Smoking

Philosoraptor On Failing and Succeeding

Philosoraptor On Swearing And Adult Language

Philosoraptor Meme On The Devil Is The Good Guy

Philosoraptor On Atheism and Being Bald

Philosoraptor On The US Congress

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