Oh, internet, why are you so fun and addictive (accurately portrayed by this comic)? Internet Husband — also known as Redditor’s Wife — shows us what happens when you marry someone a little too immersed in the glory of the interwebs. And so we present to you the troubling demise of the Internet Husband meme:

Redditors Wife Meme Troll Face

Internet Husband Meme Rick Rolls The Family

Redditors Wife Meme Listens To Zombie Tails

Internet Husband Meme Divorce Challenge Accepted

Husband Meme Divorce FUUUUUUU

Husband Meme Called Me Derpina

Internet Meme Leftovers or Repost

Redditors Wife Meme Rage Comics

Redditors Wife Meme Fap Fap Fap

Redditors Wife Meme Cool Divorce Bro

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