It seems like no one can do anything — funny, embarrassing, even downright boring — without someone snapping a picture, putting it on Instagram, and narcissistically drooling as their ‘likes’ go up one by one. Instagram is invading every second of our life experiences; here are ten ways that you’re ruining life with Instagram and how to avoid it:

Serious Events


Because the words “cute selfie” and “funeral” should never mix.

Serious Life Events

iPhone “Photographers”

Not to mention all the “concert pictures” that show nothing but a bunch of lights and blurry specks. What exactly am I supposed to be looking at here?

Art On Instagram

How You’re Ruining Life With Instagram: Drugs

Drugs On Instagram

9 times out of 10, posting a picture of yourself doing THE DRUGS on Instagram makes you look like a tool. No one cares what kind of drugs you’re doing unless you’re famous like Meek Mill:


Or unless your stash looks like this…

Ruining Life With Instagram Drugs

Rich People

Rich Kids On Instagram

The Instagrams of the rich and famous are constantly making everyone else teem with envy. We get it, you’re rich — we already feel terrible about ourselves, you don’t have to rub it in.


PUtting Up Food Pictures On Instagram

I took this picture of some guy Instagramming his brunch while grinning wildly. But this is not a rare occurrence. Over 50% of Instagram is now comprised of mushy-looking photos of unappealing lunches and brunches. If you or someone you know can’t stop Instagramming food, an intervention may be beneficial.

Food Pictures



Ruining Life With Instagram Friendships

Pictures of your friends who no one else knows is either making everyone hate you for not inviting them or unfollow you for being irrelevant.



It’s great that you love your baby, but Instagram isn’t the place for you to dangle your brood out to satiate your own ego.



Ruining Life With Instagram Selfies

There’s so much of this, there are even apps that let you squeeze four selfies into one giant mega-selfie!


Selfies Are Ruining The World




#Hashtags #are #making #my #brain #explode. Honestly, who browses the billion nondescript photos that are tagged #instagood?

Every Life Experience Ever

You're Ruining Life With Instagram

No one cares that you went to the spa. Or the cafe. Or the beach. Or the park. Or a fancy restaurant. Unless you are traveling to outer space and returning with moon rocks for everyone, no one besides your mom cares about your mundane day-to-day activities. And she doesn’t even have an Instagram.


Every Life Experience Ever

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