Although it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to send out lewd pictures of yourself that will self-destruct, to look up the answer to any question in the world in under thirty seconds at any time, and to record high definition video of a fight outside of Pizza Hut, there’s no doubt that smartphones are pretty much ruining everything about actual life. Here are 10 reasons your smartphone use is on a path of destruction:

A Smartphone Is Not A Replacement For Human Contact


Remember at Sarah’s sleepover when everyone’s battery died and there was a fist fight over who got to use the charger first? LOL!


And forget about dinner conversation. Besides being neglected for your mom’s iPhone, you’ll be blinded by everyone else’s.

And It’s Not A Human Companion


Yes, in fact you can exist a minute on this planet without desperately refreshing your Facebook feed.

Watch the Band, Not Your Smartphone Screen


Living in the moment is so passé!

A Smartphone Is Also Not a Mirror


How Many Angles Can You Photograph Using Your Right Arm Alone?


Unless This is You, Constant Selfies Need to Stop


They Know That You Know That They Know That You’re Ignoring Their Texts


How can you ignore anyone anymore when everyone knows that everyone else has their smartphone on them at all times?

Food Photography is a Gross Obsession


Babies Are Already Addicted to Smartphones


And they don’t even know how to properly use them.

The Curse of the Vertical Video.


iPhone Addiction is Now Recognized as a Legitimate Disorder.


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