We’ve all been there: it’s the 16th century, and you’re busy governing your principality. The lords are unruly, the peasants are unfed, and low and behold, Scoundrel Stefano shows up to your front door with another favor that will go unreturned. Before you know it, he’s tipped over your favorite Roman statue and spent all your florins on ale and gondola adornments.

Scoundrel Stefano Borrows Your Gondola

Scoundrel Stefano Meme Loves Wenches

Stefano Takes Your Florins For Indulgences

Stefano Drinks All Your Beer

Scoundrel Steve Returns Your Stuff Covered In The Plague

Stefano Brings Peasants To The Nobles Party

Scoundrel Stefano Meme Has Real Chocolate Bling

Stefano Meme Is A Pepper Hog

Scoundrel Stefano Borrows Your Florins For A Vacation

Stefano Wants To Govern Your Fiefdom

Stefano Tricks You With The Witches

Scoundrel Steve Steals Leonardos Paintings

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