Whether you’ve bragged about your heroic acts of kindness, your hot new girlfriend, or posted an “accidental” selfie, everyone’s told a little white lie on social media. These people? Full blown social media liars. And man, oh man, is it satisfying to see them get roasted for it:

1. You know what they say, “Australia: for romance and poisonous reptiles.”


2.She didn’t mean to post that picture like we didn’t mean to add it in this gallery

Called Out Didnt Mean To Post

3.Yes, the classic drink of 1979: Powerade.

Grocery Store

4. NPR knows what cool is just like Tupac knows how to stay alive.


5. When in doubt, block experts who challenge you.

Haiti Expert

6. I throw sweet salt on my cereal every morning and my steak every evening.

Sweet Salt

7. An over night tattoo sensation!

Wendys Tattoo

8. It says a lot about a person when they have to fake segregation for a social media post.

Colors Only

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