How I Quit Sugar

After coconut water, acai smoothies, and countless trends in yoga, we all know what THE single most important step to a healthy lifestyle really is: giving up sugar. Some people think that giving up sweets is a challenge, but for me, it was a breeze.

After following these steps, that white poison never comes close to my body, except when I’m at restaurants or work or a friend’s house, where I basically drown in it.

1. Learn about all the ingredient names that actually mean sugar and then just eat whatever your friend serves you.

Did you know there are over 50 ingredient names that are actually just sugar? To make sure none of these sneaky sweets were getting into my diet, I memorized every single one of their names. Now by checking ingredients, it’s impossible for sugar to accidentally end up in my meal. Unless my friend is serving me lunch at her place and doesn’t tell me what’s in it, in which case, oh well I guess!

2. Get rid of all the sugar in your house but keep a candy stash at work.

We’re more likely to fall victim to our sugar cravings when we keep tempting foods around the house. I carefully went through all of my cabinets and fridge to do a sweep for the good stuff — chocolate bars, cookies, you name it!

Then, I brought it all to work. With a sweets-free house, I’m a sweets-free girl! Unless I’m at my nine to five when I’m basically in a constant sugar coma.

3. Eat fruit for dessert except at restaurants where you can order cheesecake.

People are always so impressed that I’ve given up my desserts in favor of a fruit plate. Yes, snacking on melon most nights is a challenge, but no one else is going to take care of my body. I prioritize my health even if it means giving up the most delicious parts of life. Plus, the three nights out of the week that I go to restaurants I just order cheesecake, literally no one could say no to that.

4. Talk about giving up sugar all the time and then happily let people share their food with you.

If I was going to give up sugar, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. After deciding to give up my addiction I told everyone. Friends, coworkers, random passersby — they all knew that this girl was going sugar-free.

In response, many people showed their support by offering me whatever sugary snack they had on hand. How else was I supposed to thank them except by gratefully accepting? As they say, it takes a village to give up sugar.

If I can do it, anyone can! Use my tips and you’ll be one step closer to health.

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