For most normally functioning parents, a Honey Boo Boo-esque dress-up session only happens once a year at the tail end of October. But even some of these Halloween costumes make Mrs. Boo Boo seem relatively normal:

Head in a Jar Halloween Costumes

This kid’s parents are always last in the carpool line.

Praying Mantis Child

“Why couldn’t I just be one of the Avengers?”

Kid Burrito Halloween Costumes

At least they love the kid enough not to wrap it in Taco Bell wax paper?

Hitler Youth

This gives new meaning to Hitler Youth.

Kid As Lobster Halloween Costumes

This guy’s seeing red.

Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne Costume

Hopefully the butt implants didn’t come with the costume.

Turkey Kid Halloween Costumes

Not your average white meat.

Lil Wayne Costume

Finally, the ‘lil’ title makes sense.

Alien Chicken Baby

This is what you should let your child wear to school for costume day if you want him or her to spend Friday afternoons in the child counselor’s office.

Baby Gandhi

How worldly these white parents must feel.

Prince Costume

Credit: Uproxx

Aiming for Prince, hitting baby guido.

Up Russell Kid

“Up’s” Russell IRL. Let’s hope his weight doesn’t go too much further in that direction.

Terrorist Kid Halloween Costumes

The joys of American jingoism know no boundaries.

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