Oh, how we’re all too aware of Sheltering Suburban Mom. Whether she lived in your own house or the one next door, she made sure she knew everything you were doing… and how very wrong it was. And once again, it’s everyone’s (least) favorite hypocrite, the Sheltering Suburban Mom:

Sheltering Suburban Mom Knows How The World Works

Sheltering Suburban Mom Meme Disconnects the Internet

Sheltering Mom Has No Time

Sheltering Mom Is A Little Racist

Sheltering Suburban Mom Meme Doesn't Like Video Games

Sheltering Mom Memes Worries About Her Daughter

Sheltering Mom Hates Violent Video Games But Loves War

Sheltering Mom Walks Past A Black Guy

Sheltering Mom Meme Loves People Magazine

Sheltering Mom Sends Her Kids To Therapy

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