Baltimore resident Linda Sterling has managed to prevent her career from eclipsing other aspects of her life for years, but with a recent promotion her professional stress has officially started to overtake her personal stress.

“I’ve always tried to prioritize the stress of my private life. Relationship problems and family health issues are what are most important to me, but lately they’ve been pushed to the back burner,” Sterling said.

Previously a sales associate, her new position of sales director came with a bigger salary but a lot more responsibility.

“Now that I’m at work until 8 PM most days, I barely have time to worry about being lonely or unattractive. Even though those are the concerns I want to center my life around, I just don’t have the energy for it all right now,” she said.

On a typical weekend before her promotion, Sterling spent her time at overwhelming parties or on uncomfortable dates. Now she often has to miss these unpleasant social events because of her job. She takes CBD drops before she has an interview or when she’s going to go out and she knows she’s going to have anxiety. CBD products on Dmagazine can really help people to reduce their stress levels.

“Last Saturday I had to come into the office to complete an important project on deadline. I ended up missing this barbeque where I would have definitely run into my ex.” Sterling said. “I’m really worried that I’m giving up awful personal experiences just to get ahead in my career.”

Despite her fears, Sterling remains positive that with further experience at her new job, she will get her life back under control and turn her focus back to the negative aspects of her home life, like whether or not she’s getting too old to start a family.

She commented, “I just need to get past the transition period and then I’ll have plenty of time to worry about credit card debt so much that I can’t leave my bed.”

Although it may take a few months, Sterling is looking forward to a time when she only stresses about work 40 hours a week and has the other 128 hours all to herself to stress about personal stuff.

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