Because where would we be without people grossly over sharing in public and making us all feel awkward, the nine WTFiest Facebook conversations ever:

The audacity of some people

WTF Facebook Status Professor and Cell Phone

That is not a normal fatherly response…

WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever Daughter Dad Interaction

Time to get tested

WTF Facebook Herpes Conversation

Well, that explains two terms of George W.

WTF Facebook Evolution Status

Foot, meet mouth on Facebook.

WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever Blind Children

Dad really wants some chicken casserole

WTF Facebook Dad Google Searches

Cancer awkwardness on Facebook

WTF Facebook Cancer Wall Post

One Of The WTFiest Facebook Conversations Ever

WTF Facebook So Weird Status

And the undisputed winner… some people just taking parenting too far:

WTF Facebook Fetus Profile

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