Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and Pixar, not only blessed us with iPods and iPhones but one of the internet’s funniest memes: Steve & Bill. Taken from screen caps from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates historic 2007 discussion at All Things Digital, the Steve & Bill meme became a favorite for showing two of the world’s richest and most prestigious men enjoying a moment together. Unfortunately, with Steve Jobs recent passing away, we felt it necessary to pay homage and adieu to one the internet’s funniest memes. And so Runt of the Web presents, the end of the Steve & Bill Meme:

Steve and Bill Meme Garage Sale

Steve and Bill Meme Buy New Relatives

Steve and Bill Meme One Dollar

Steve and Bill Meme True Wealth

Steve and Bill Meme Not A Virus

And the final farewell to the Steve & Bill Meme:

The End Of The Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Meme

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