I’ve been seeing more and more articles online profiling micro homes. Living in a tiny house seems awesome, especially when sharing your humble abode with the one you love who’s of course attractive. Is it really the right move for me, though? I talked to some couples to get the skinny on what it is really like to live in these adorable micro-pads:


We love each other almost as much as we love having a low carbon emission! We made that heart out of reclaimed wood and fern leaves we found in the surrounding woods. Currently, we work from home together on our joint small business. We haven’t once thought about killing each other, although one time I did get mad at him for leaving the almond milk out but it was just a misunderstanding. Lol!


Oh, what, that? Oh that’s just some homemade apple chips I made from our trees in the orchard outside. We try to not watch the TV that much, but sometimes we just like to binge-watch a serial TV show together. It’s so easy because we always want to watch the same thing. We’ve never once had to sit in the same room with headphones on staring at our laptops not interacting for hours at a time.


We hesitated about moving in to our tiny getaway at first, but we both agreed, as long as there is room for all our books. Sometimes we fight over who gets to read a new book first (Wednesday is Amazon Drone delivery day). We now have a system. – Whoever gets to read the new release first is on dish duty till they are done! We always cave and help each other though.


We decided we wanted our tiny house to be at least 20 miles away from civilization since all we need is each other. We have currently given up the English language and have found our own personal combination of grunts and hand gestures works much better for us. Ha ha, yeah, of course we are white.


Winter is our favorite season because all we do is cuddle for warmth. We also have a fucking cute-ass dog to go with our cute-ass house. I’m disappointed I haven’t hung our porch swing yet, but there’s always next year, or the year after, or the following year, or the afterlife because we made a blood pact to die here and haunt it forever. We’re gonna be the first cuddling ghosts.


I am having a hard time talking to you because I can’t hear you over all this love. I just feel sorry for all those couples that need things (don’t get me started on single people that don’t live in dug out holes). We’re both professional bloggers so we just get each other. We’re so perfect I worry we are going to implode. I guess that’s how I want to go though – imploding all over our tiny eco-house!

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