Remember growing up when your Dad told you that the moon was made out of cheese and pretended to give your dog to the pound after you got a D in History? Turns out that Dads the world over have been trolling their children. And so Troll Dad the rage comic was born:

The ultimate minefield, the Girlfriend’s Dad Troll:

Girlfriends Dad Troll Comic

Dad Trolls the competitive spirit:

Dad Competitive Eating Rage Cartoon

Troll Dad gets Mom on gender wage equality:

Dad On Gender Wage Equality

Dad goes to far:

Dad On Ethiopia Troll Rage Cartoon

Trying to Out-Troll Troll Dad:

Out-Trolling Dad Rage Comic

Subtle Dad Troll:

Subtle Troll Rage Cartoon

Dad plans ahead:

Long Term Troll

I am your Troll Father:

Star Wars Darth Vader Troll Dad Rage Comic

Like Troll Dad? Check out the OG Troll Dad, Calvin’s Dad.

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