Trump Forgo Salary

Indeed, if the president can forgo his salary, then surely there is no reason why LGBT folk, immigrants, women, and racial minorities cannot forgo many of their basic human rights.

What a selfless commander-in-chief! What a fine example for the children!

In any time of great change, compromise is necessary across the board. And if our billionaire, miserly, born-of-a-trust-fund president can compromise his entire salary, it is no large request to ask over a hundred million people to compromise a few (just a few, now!) of their basic rights. Eh?

’Tis a fair deal! A gentlemen’s agreement!

Donald Trump, a man who has stated that he plans to deport or imprison over 2 million human beings, has promised to forgo his salary in an act of great decency — an act that ought to be reasonably repaid by the acceptance of, on the part of the majority of Americans, status as second-class citizens.

And repay it we all shall!

Mr. Trump, who intends to cut taxes for rich folk like himself, has selflessly agreed to do without all but a single dollar of his $400,000 presidential salary. Indeed — it is a gesture of true generosity! Who would not permit themselves, in exchange, to be systematically discriminated against?!

Now…hang on.

Trump, whose policies are inspired by such antiquated practices as 1940s-era internment camps, will forgo his government salary (which is also a thing that Hitler did, not that it matters, eh?), in an act that probably has nothing whatsoever to do with evading taxes, right?

O munificent leader!

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