We may not have posted these, but they sure are good — a look at these weeks best around the web:

5. Five Things they Didn’t Want You to Know About the Olympics

Cracked Olympics Around The Web

If you’re anything like us, you’re knee-deep in 24/7 Summer Olympic coverage. But apparently we don’t know everything there is to know about this once-every-4-years event. Cracked.com gives us the top 5 things they don’t want us to know.

4. Which 90’s Nickelodeon Character Are You?

Flavorwire Around The Web

I took this quiz from Flavorwire.com 3 times. The first time I was Chalky Studebaker (what??), and the last 2 times I cheated so I could be Clarissa, natch. Who are you?

3. Below the Video: The Weird World of YouTube Comments

Around The Web

It’s like a weird sub-culture of humanity: the YouTube commenter. Who are these people? What do they want? WHERE did they go to school?! Our friends at Guyism.com ventured into this weird world and made it back alive.

2. Around The Web: 25 Celebrities Who Share an Uncanny Resemblance

list25-celebrities-who-look-alikeWe’re glad it’s not just us who watch trailers and say “Wait, isn’t that…? Oh no, it’s…..hang on!” But seriously, someone’s parents have some explaining to do. Check out this great compilation from List 25 and tell us what you think.

1. Instagram Reveals what Woody from Toy Story Has Been Up To

Buzzfeed Woody Around The Web

Some of these will tug at your heartstrings, while others will most certainly make you cringe. Right in the childhood. There’s plenty where this gem came from over at Buzzfeed.

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