The Most Face-Palmingly Stupid Facebook Posts

Ah, excruciating stupidity, it surrounds us everyday. Now with Facebook, stupid has a voice and a platform: everyone who’s unfortunately accepted their friend request. We scavenged the web and found the twenty-five most face-palm inducing stupid Facebook posts for your shock, pleasure, and amazement:

How Did They Film The Titanic

Stupid Facebook Posts How Did They Film The Titanic Facebook

I Wonder Why He’s Single?

I Wonder Why He's Single

Stupid Facebook Posts: Who Kneeds Schol?!

Most Face-Palmingly Stupid Facebook Posts

Stupid Facebook Posts: Steve Who?!

Steve Jobs Facebook WTF

There Is No Way She’ll Regret This

Facebook Tattoo Stupid Post


Spelling Facebook Post

Wireless Blowing In The Wind

Wireless Stupid Facebook Post

Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Stupid Facebook Post

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