More Of The Most Awkward Halloween Costumes

Awkward Halloween Costumes Coneheads

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

So awkward even Remulak wouldn’t allow them on their planet.

Awkward Halloween Heroes

Credit: Tumblr

Who knew super heroes could be overweight 30-somethings who live in their parents’ basement?

Awkward Halloween Olympics

Credit: Facebook

McKayla Maroney would probably give this the stink face as well.

Awkward Halloween Pigs

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Pigs…sledding…in winter. If a 40-year old mom isn’t concerned that she’s wearing a pepto-bismol colored unitard with her kids, she wouldn’t care that the backdrop makes no sense whatsoever.

Awkward Halloween Poodle

Credit: Imgur

The most unsightly twins ever.

Awkward Halloween Pumpkins

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

You know they’re the assholes who give out toothbrushes on Halloween.

Awkward Halloween Robin

In case you were wondering, those ears are weapons.

Awkward Halloween Costumes X-Men

Credit: iVillage

The hamster exemplifies everyone else’s reaction to this costume perfectly.

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