The great thing about social media is it cradles our inherent impulsivity. The impulsivity often leads to… well, let’s just say not the smartest decisions. Lucky for us, screen shots exist, so you can enjoy thirty not so great decisions with these hilariously awkward moments on Facebook:

The Heartbroken 6th Grader

The Heartbroken 6th Grader

He’s Putting It All Out There

Mustache Rides

Awkward Moments On Facebook: Mom To The Rescue

Mom To The Rescue

Dat Flirting

Worst Flirting Ever

O….. Oh

Awkward Comment On Facebook

This Guy Has -0- Clue He’s In A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme

The Pre-Internets

Santa Is Real

High Schooler Longs For Love

High Schooler Longs For Lover

Le Superior Intelligence

So Random

It’s Like Poetry

Romantic Couple

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