Constructive Critisicm

Constructive criticism can be helpful on the road to improving oneself, although sometimes it can be hard to take. Instead of breaking down into tears when someone gives you a harsh-but-helpful suggestion, use these tips to become such a pro at taking constructive criticism that people will want to offer it at all times of the day (and night)!

Be appreciative:

When your coworker gives you some tips on how to improve your presentation skills, even though you didn’t ask for any, don’t be offended. Be aware that Tina is just trying to help, not trying to cut you down into pieces so small she can sweep you up and throw you in the trash. Simply smile, nod, and say thank you. By showing your appreciation, Tina will be encouraged to give you more tips, every workday until you retire.

Offer a compliment in return:

If your gym buddy starts pointing out the flaws in your weight lifting techniques with the intention of improving your form, don’t follow your instinct to throw a dumbbell at him. Instead, accept the criticism and compliment him on his squats. Dean will be left feeling so confident, he won’t hesitate to point out issues with your pull-ups or your personal life every time you workout!

Suggest that this is all you needed to hear to achieve your dreams:

Your roommate was encouraging while you were writing your novel. When she finally read a draft, she didn’t hold back with constructive criticism. In fact, she basically suggested you rewrite the entire plot, kill off the main character, and make it a romance novel. Even though the story is based off your childhood and dedicated to your dead mother, tell Kayla that her suggestions are surely what will make this a best seller. She’ll be more than happy to read drafts in the future and tear them apart just as severely, if not more.

Beg for more:

Driving has never been a strong suit of yours, but luckily your partner is quick to comment on areas on which you could improve. Even though their unsolicited tips make you want to drive off a bridge, you can take it like a champ by begging for more. Ask them to critique your hand position, how fast you’re going, and your use of the turn signal. Since you’re literally asking for it, your partner will never, ever stop pointing out your flaws under the guise of being helpful. Not that they would anyway, but at least this way, it feels like YOU’RE in control.

With these tips, you will take constructive criticism with so much grace that people will want to criticize you constantly. Which is exactly what you wanted, right?

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