In case there was ever any doubt how truly stupid people can be, having a look at the things people actually choose to post on Facebook is a great way to remind yourself. Case in point, the dumbest Facebook posts of all time:

Dumbest Facebook Posts Of All Time: Why I Worry For The Future

Dumbest Facebook Posts Alaska Island

Not The Smartest Facebook Status

Dumbest Facebook Posts Aunt Uncle Confusion

How Is It Possible To Be This Stupid?

Escalator Facebook Post

That’s Not A Belly Button…

Dog Kiss Facebook Picture Fail

Don’t Share Your Thoughts On Facebook

Halloween Facebook Post

The Dumbest Facebook Posts Of All Time: Goldfish for cash?

Dumbest Facebook Posts Goldfish For Cash

Dumbest Facebook Posts: Just One Little Problem…

New Number Dumb Facebook Post

Using Books At The Library… Imagine That!

Library Reading Stupid Facebook Post

And The Winner Of Dumbest Facebook Post Ever…

Stupid Facebook Status Abortion Post

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