What happens when you insult the boss you’ve added as a friend and ask a friend if their child is stoned? The most hilariously awkward Facebook interactions ever:

My Goatee Isn’t Stupid

Awkward Facebook Interactions My Goatee Isn't Stupid Facebook

Why You Don’t Friend Your Boss On Facebook

Talking About Boss Awkward Facebook Post

Putting Your Credit Card On Facebook….

Credit Card On Facebook Post

Osama Vs Obama Facepalm

Osama and Obama Facebook Facepalm

Hilariously Awkward Facebook Interactions: That’s A Lot Of Likes

Awkward Facebook Status In The Shower

Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Facebook

Awkward Facebook Interactions Crazy Facebook Mom

That Is Not How Internet Shopping Works

Credit Card in CD Drive Facebook Post

This Was Not David’s Finest Moment

Down Syndrome Facebook Picture

And The Ultimate… Why You Don’t Cross Your Brother

Brother Versus Sister Epic Facebook Post

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