Social media has created new and exciting opportunities for brands to interact directly with fans of all ages, dial-up speeds, and intelligence levels. Below, we’ve cataloged some of our favorite Facebook brand interactions, which undoubtedly had a college intern questioning their life choices:

Do Corporate Persons Dream Of Consumer Sheep?

How Can The Corporate Person Talk

Walmart’s Blue Light / Blue Plate Specials

What Time Is Dinner

The YouTubes Are On Aisle 3, Right Next To The Googles And The Vines

Get The Youtubes

And Jesus Said Unto Them, Those Who Truly Believe Shall Be Smothered And Covered

Jesus Loves You

A Natural Disaster Is The Perfect Time For A Triscuit-Brand Personal Pizza

Snow Storm With Triscuits

Maybe Betty Can Hide Them In The Tires

Sorry Betty

Is The Treat Vomiting In Your Mouth A Little?

Key West Is Wild

Poor Sharon, Mother Of Roadhouses, Great Aunt Of Eating Good In Neighborhoods

Texas Roadhouse

Sharon and Applebees

Remember The Alamo? The Cheesecake Factory Remembers

Remember The Alamo

In Soviet Russia, Coffee Refill Applebee’s!

I want coffee

This Is Next To “Too Much Information” In The Dictionary

gross pregnant server

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