Family Haunted Middle Child

Last month, Doug Jackson, a father of three from Hillsdale, New Jersey, reported that his family’s home had been haunted by a “ghost.” However, what his family had believed was paranormal activity was in fact the result of their middle child, Kaitlyn, existing without their knowledge.

Doug started noticing strange happenings in their suburban home around the same time his youngest daughter, Ella, received a new iPhone for her birthday, just like the one he bought his oldest daughter, Samantha, a couple weeks ago when she broke her old one. Sources say Kaitlyn was still using an LG flip phone.

“We got home from the Apple store, and I felt an unusual chill in the room,” Doug recalled. “It was eerie. It really felt like there was someone else in the room. And it was a cold and jealous spirit. They were angry, whoever it was… I mean, it ended up being Kaitlyn, but how could we have known at the time?”

As the days passed, there were more and more incidents like this one. Doors and cabinets seemed to be opening and closing on their own, or the television would turn on with what seemed like no provocation. Though strange, this didn’t phase the other Jackson daughters, who would immediately sit down and change the channel to New Girl or The Haunted Hathaways.

Kaitlyn claims that she didn’t notice a change in the family’s attitude or behavior until last week, when the Jackson’s held a séance and asked the “spirit” if they could assist it in completing whatever unfinished business it might have.

“All of a sudden, the past few weeks started to make sense,” Kaitlyn said.“Whenever I’d talk at the dinner table, everyone would get quiet and look at the ceiling. In hindsight, I guess it was weird that they would interrupt me saying ‘Did you hear that? I think it’s trying to communicate with us,’ but we’ve all heard things like that from our parents, you know?”

Before revealing herself as their daughter, Kaitlyn used the seance as an opportunity to test out her stand up material, which is a new hobby she’s just been trying out. She assures us that she is not that good and we definitely don’t need to come to her stand-up shows. She is apparently “nothing special” when it comes to stand up and wouldn’t want us to waste our time and money coming to see her. It is “really okay.”

Despite the continuing struggle of being able to notice Kaitlyn, the Jackson family has since reconciled with their middle daughter. Until they are able to fully recognize her existence, however, Kaitlyn will be wearing bells, sourced from a hand-me-down Sexy Reindeer Costume of Samantha’s from 2011, around her neck so as to make her presence known.

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