Abandoned Child

Father’s Day has always been a sore subject for you ever since your dad left to buy that pack of cigarettes when you were a kid and never came back. You managed to grow up fine without him, but you still wonder occasionally what it was that caused the bastard to take off. Well, wonder no further because Runt has the closure you so desperately seek (but not the love and acceptance, we can only do so much). Take this quiz and find out definitively why your daddy ditched you as a kid:

  1. What is one of the last memories you have of your father before he left?

  2. What did your father do for work?

  3. If you asked your mother what kind of man your father was how would she describe him?

  4. Where was your father last seen before he disappeared?

  5. What was the last thing your father said to you before he left?

  6. What was your dad’s favorite movie?

  7. What was the last gift your father ever gave you?

  8. Is there anything you may have done that could have caused your dad to leave home?

  9. What song do you remember being your dad’s favorite when you were a kid?

  10. Did your father leave you anything to remember him by?

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