In a country of black sheep, Florida is as dark as midnight. From flesh-eating cannibals in Miami to electing George Bush twice, Florida has proven time and again that it’s superhero power is unfathomable stupidity. “Florida Man” encapsulates this unfortunate superpower, where absurd headlines are prefaced with the responsible party identified as “Florida Man”. Enjoy our collection of the most ridiculous accounts of life in Florida with the adventures of Florida Man:

Florida, Where Burglars Stop For A Nap And A Beer

Beer Drinking Burglar

A Collection Of Florida’s Finest

Florida's Finest

Naked Men On The Rampage

Naked Rampage

“It’s Unclear How Or Why He Was In Canada”

Florida Man Bank Robbery

Blame It On The Cats

Florida Man Cat Downloads

What, A Taco Isn’t A Valid Form Of ID?!?!

Florida Man Taco ID

Florida Woman Gets In On The Action Too

Florida Woman

911 Is Your Best Source For Weed And Kool-Aid

Florida Man Wants Kool Aid And Weed

Another World Class Florida Burglar

Florida Burglar

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