There’s no denying Google has made our lives infinitely easier over the years, even the controversial Google Street View. A mix of spying and travel porn, Google Street View has made our lives endlessly more convenient by allowing us to view things such as street directions, and pigeon people mobbing abandoned roads. Over the years, it’s captured some amazing spontaneous moments, and a few very cleverly orchestrated ones:

1. Ahhh, I see what you did there!

Wheres Waldo

2. This used to be an old used book store…everything’s being corporatized these days #smh.

Chasing Bear

3. This active-wear trend is really starting to get out of control.

Body Suit Twins

4. Definitive proof that aliens are a) real and b) chill as hell.

Alien Chillin

5. For budget explosion graphics, find the nearest seagull.

Bird Crap

6. Don’t feed the pigeons.

Bird People

7. Powerade: The molotov cocktail of Appalachia.

Bottle Thrower

8. Witnessing the miracle of childbirth and this guy still can’t get off his damn phone.

Child Birth Google Street View
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