A collection of hilarious burns, delightful insults, and awkward fails on Facebook — the greatest Facebook statuses ever seen:

Greatest Facebook Statuses Ever: True Love Waits (For Divorce)

Greatest Facebook Statuses True Love Waits

Ah, The Ancient Pyramids Of Stonehenge

Greatest Facebook Statuses The Ancient Pyramids Of Stonehenge

It Must Have Been Something Scary!

Facebook Statuses Walking Fast

Greatest Facebook Statuses Ever: Darwin Award Winner

Greatest Facebook Statuses Darwin Award Winner

Lincoln Burn

Lincoln Burn Facebook Status

Condom Are Cheaper Than Diapers, But…

Funny Facebook Statuses Condom Are Cheaper Than Diapers

Take That Mom!

Best Facebook Statuses Take That Mom

Mom Doesn’t Believe In Ghosts

Facebook Statuses Bloody Mary

Flower Love Is Serious Business

Flower Love Facebook Status

Ex-Girlfriend Burn

Ex-Girlfriend Burn Facebook

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