Sarcastic, cruel, and downright hilarious, SomeEcards is our favorite way of conveying all the internal thoughts we have that can’t quite be shared with the outside world. For your enjoyment, we present the most hilarious SomeEcards ever: (all images below via

Hilarious SomeEcards Anything Steve Jobs Makes

Hilarious SomeEcards Embarrassed What I've Done For A Klondike Bar

Hilarious SomeEcards Normal Behavior Is Inappropriate

Hilarious SomeEcards Tone In Email

Hilarious SomeEcards Unkind Words Out of Hunger

Someecards Grammar Knowing Your Shit

Work Well With Other SomeEcard

Someecard Work

Someecards What You Can Accomplish

SomeEcard Thinking of you on the toilet

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Hilarious Someecard

Hilarious Someecards

Birthday ecard about scroll down menus

Hilarious SomeEcards Restraining Order On My Heart

Hilarious SomeEcard Professional Ambition

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