Trump Pointing

Image Source: Flickr

Professional month-old cheese impersonator Donald Trump has taken this year’s election cycle by storm. His countless admirers are wowed by the businessman-turned-reality-star-turned-satire-of-the-U.S.-election-process’ tough talk, which to date has been gloriously unhindered by trivial bullshit like truth or logic.

But not just anyone can be The Donald — it takes a very special skill set. Take this quiz to determine, “How Trumpy Are You?”

  1. A waiter brings you the wrong entrée. You should:

  2. A television reporter asks you a debate question you don't like. You should:

  3. You incur an enormous cost building a wall on the Mexican border. You should:

  4. The entire world thinks your hair is ridiculous. You should:

  5. Another politician implies your small hands means you have a small penis, then explicitly states you're a liar. You should:

  6. While negotiating a real estate deal, your adversary lowballs you. You should:

  7. You're torturing a poodle with a power drill, as is your practice every Wednesday, when you suddenly remember today is Tuesday. You should:

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