Emotional Affair

You just got the bad news: your husband admitted that his dick has been having an emotional affair with your best friend’s vagina. He’s assured you it’s not physical, but it doesn’t hurt any less. But don’t fret—here are a few ways to help you get through this difficult time.

1. Remind Yourself It’s Just Emotionally Physical

Remember—your husband’s dick has only been having an emotional affair. Sure he might be sticking his D-stick into someone else’s V-hole, but it’s not a physical connection, and that makes a huge difference in terms of the level of transgression.

2. Talk to Your Friend’s Vagina

It can be all too easy to point fingers and let anger destroy your friendship. You absolutely have the right to be mad, but take some time to cool off and confront your friend’s vagina honestly and openly. Try to get to the bottom of what was happening in the vagina’s life that it needed to reach out to your husband’s dick for support.

3. Reflect Honestly On Your Vagina’s Part In The Situation

Has your own vagina been emotionally withholding? Has it been secretive, or closed off to mentally connecting with your husband’s dick? Cheating is often the symptom of an unhappy relationship, not the cause, so pause to consider if your vag had any role in this.

4. Consider Couples Counseling

Again, your husband’s emotional dick transgression might be symptomatic of a larger emotional issue between his pee pee rod and your body cave. If the issue seems too big for you to tackle yourselves, don’t be afraid to consider couples therapy. An expert’s opinion could give your genitalia valuable insight into which psychological factors caused the rift.

5. Make Your Decision, Then Stick To It

If you choose to forgive your husband’s dick and your best friend’s vagina, then do so completely and move on. Don’t bring it up in moments of anger or allow it to destroy your relationship going forward. However, if you know this isn’t something you can get past, then it’s time to part ways. This is about being honest with yourself and your muffer’s true feelings.

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