Life Hack 8: Toast Trick

Life Hacks Toaster

This one is actually pretty good. Friends or no friends, you’ll use this bread trick to make kick ass BLTs.

9: Make An Ice Pack That Wont Leak

Life Hacks Ice Pack

Too bad you’re allergic to cold water. Yes, that’s a thing.

10: Have Ice Cold Water On The Go

Life Hacks Ice Pack

Seriously it’s like these life hacks are mocking you with this cold water thing.

11: Take Pictures So You Don’t Forget

Life Hacks Friends

Sometimes you cut out pictures from magazines and put them in picture frames so it looks like you have friends. No forget that. Just pretend you didn’t read it.

Life Hack 12: Understand Road Signs

Life Hacks Driving

Before you got that DWI this would’ve been super helpful.

13: Need Directions? Go To A Pizza Place

Life Hacks Pizza

This would be great if you still had a license and hadn’t developed that crippling fear of talking to strangers. Though most days, the only time you interact with other humans is when you hand the pizza delivery guy money for yet another dinner alone.

14: Use Old Tennis Balls To Do All This

Life Hacks Tennis Ball

Ha look it’s like a little face. This one is awesome. You’ll do this one.


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