As much as you may not want to admit it, you once thought that shrieking the word “penis” was an act of pure “Stick it to the Man” defiance and comedic gold. If you didn’t, you probably didn’t have any friends. Here’s a look back at a chapter in our lives we’d all probably like to sweep under the proverbial rug, the Immature High Schoolers:

Immature High Schoolers Meme Titinius

Immature High Schooler

Immature High Schoolers Family Guy

Immature High Schooler Meme Phagocytes

Immature High Schooler Meme Pants Crease

Immature High Schoolers Marvin Gaye

Immature High Schoolers Internet Fights

Immature Meme Homo Erectus

Immature Meme Hard Tests

Immature High Schooler Meme Gay

Immature High Schooler Dane Cook

High Schoolers Meme Coming Over

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