Easter Bunny

Missed Connection.

You: Cute blonde girl. Me: Egg carrying bunny, visible only to you.

We met at Molly Wee pub on Saturday night. You were wearing a Florida State sweatshirt, doing Jäger bombs with your friends. I was the bunny carrying a basket full of painted eggs.

You put some salt on your friend’s chest and pretended to snort it off like it was cocaine. As you were choking from all the salt you inhaled, our eyes met. Time stood still. I was filled with the kind of joy I normally only get from hiding colorful eggs in fairly easy to find places.

I would’ve bought you a drink, but I don’t have hands. I know that I have a basket, but that’s strictly for eggs. The bartender couldn’t see me anyways- I’m only visible to those who retain the sense of wonder they had as a child.

I’m sorry I had to leave so soon! I needed to apparate myself into millions of places at once to get these eggs hidden. As you can imagine, it makes for a busy workday! You seemed pretty busy drinking an entire jar of Tabasco sauce, so maybe it was for the best…

How about we go and get a coffee or something? It’ll need to be soon because I fade out of existence pretty quickly, only to be reborn a year later with no memory of past self but with a burning desire to hide eggs for children. Anyways, if you remember me and want to get together, message me back. Or make a pure wish in your heart. Either works.

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