The iPhone may represent technological innovation at its height. But with some of these texts, it might be more accurate to say the iPhone represents people at their worst. The eight most WTF iPhone texts:

Kids these days…

WTF iPhone Text Bad Mouth

Most WTF iPhone Texts: Dad iPhone Ownage

Most WTF iPhone Texts Partying Dad

Mom humiliates her son over text

WTF iPhone Texts Mom Browsing

The next big thing: iPhone Giraffe Facts

Most WTF iPhone Texts Giraffe Facts

That is a quite the meal

WTF iPhone Text Gigantic Lunchable

Terrible iPhone auto-correct fail with Mom

Most WTF iPhone Texts Accident Gum

Mom has some gross advice over text from Grandma

WTF iPhone Text Dirty Grandma

And this is why you’re careful with who you sext…

WTF iPhone Text Sext Wrong

Sources for the above are College Humor, Damn You Auto-Correct, and our loyal visitors!

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