Kkk Santa

Fox News, rounding out what has proved to be a successful seasonal fight against the war on Christmas, reminded viewers Tuesday that “Santa just is a white supremacist.”

Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly pointed out this seemingly irrefutable fact in a live aired debate on Tuesday about a black man dressing as Santa Claus. In an attempt to set the historical record straight about who Santa Claus was and is, she claimed that Santa absolutely could not be a black man because the generous and all-giving Mr. Claus was a white supremacist.

“It’s an absolute travesty that a black man would imitate Santa when, historically speaking, Santa was a proponent of global white-racial dominance and fervently believed in the genetic inferiority of all other races” Kelly stated in a statement well received by her audience.

Her opponent claimed that representations of Santa should be more inclusive, stating that children of color could benefit from increased representation of diversity this holiday season. She even went so far as to state that geographically speaking, the figure on whom Santa was based likely would have been Turkish.

“Santa is obviously an English speaking American who patriotically believes in the right to bear arms and who carries fervently nationalist, white supremacist beliefs,” Kelly responded, appalled.

“These are just facts,” Kelly continued, “To pretend Santa was not a white supremacist is to ignore science completely.”

She then went on to cite other major historical figures many mistakenly believe to have been people of color when in fact they dedicated their lives and ideologies to the retention of global white power.

“Jesus was a white supremacist and Christian nationalist, and Santa was and still remains a white supremacist. To claim that Santa was anything but is to take Christ out of Christmas. And nobody wants that.”

“Santa is what he is,” she said, shutting down her opponent completely, “And what he is is a white supremacist. There is no room for debate.”

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