So you’ve been dating someone you can barely stand for over 3 years, and before you know it, you’ve wasted away some of the best years of your life being attached to someone you don’t even like. Fortunately, lots of anonymous internet users share your sad predicament and thus relationship rage comics were born:

Deciding what to eat (burrito time)

Food Relationship Rage Comic

The perils of a long distance relationship’

Best Relationship Rage Comics Long-Distance

It’s a trap!

Best Relationship Rage Comics Ever Do I Look Fat

Dinner indecision, the girlfriends perspective rage comic

Dinner Decision Relationship Rage Comic

Your logic is not wanted in these parts

Illogical Girlfriend Rage Comic

Best Relationship Rage Comics: Double standards

Relationship Double Standard Rage Cartoon

Girlfriend or Tyrannosaurus Rex?’

Dont Move Clever Girl Comic

Everything went better than expected

Logically Awesome Girlfriend

And the zenith of relationship rage comics: Elaborate revenge on a cheating girlfriend

Best Relationship Rage Comics Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend

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