Because with over 1 billion users, a lot of stupidity is bound to happen. The nine dumbest Facebook statuses ever:

He Died For Your Future Facebook Entertainment

Dumbest Facebook Statuses Ever Titantic

Too Dumb For Words

Dumb Facebook Status Osama Obama and Trump

Ol’ Winston Whatshisface

Dumb Facebook Status Winston Whatshisface Eminem Quote

Dumbest Facebook Statuses Ever: Science Is For Retards

Dumbest Facebook Statuses Science Is For Retards

She’s Going To Find Out The Hard Way

Dumb Facebook Status Pregnancy and Periods

The White Man’s Struggle

Dumbest Facebook Statuses Ever White Mans Struggle

Dumbest Facebook Statuses Ever: Zombie Business Cards

Dumb Facebook Status Zombie Business Cards

Women’s Rights – Who Needs Em? (Answer: None Of These Women Apparently)

Dumb Facebook Status Womens Rights

Daddy’s Girl Doesn’t Buy American… She Just.. Well….

Dumb Facebook Status Daddys Girl

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