Who knew this character was such a universal fixture of peoples’ daily lives? After the tremendous response to the Hypocritical World Of Hipster Barista, there was no choice but to continue the investigation into the Hipster Barista phenomena. Entitled and pretentious yet completely daft to all those around him, the Hipster Barista continues to astound and annoy:

Hipster Barista Puts Scarves Away For Fall

Barista Meme Smokes

Hipster Loves And Hates Exploitation

Barista Says Venti Coffee

Barista Got An Art Degree To Be A Foam Artist

Disgusting Chest Tattoo

Hipster Doesn't Have A Television

Hipsters Use Tumblr Meme

Two Tattoos Isn't Enough

Hipster Buys Expensive Clothing

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