ISTJ — You are fairly quiet and serious. Tanya never stops bouncing off the goddamn walls, even in moments where she should be serious. You’d hate that.

ISTP — You have a compelling drive to understand the way things work. If you managed to actually spend enough time with Tanya to figure out how her mind works, you’d deserve a medal of honor.

ESTJ — You are practical and realistic. You would NOT like Tanya’s idea for her performance art installation comprised of Rube Goldberg machines.

ESTP — You are naturally bored by theories and conceptual explanations. Try listening to Tanya’s “theory” for why the dinosaurs went extinct. Just try it.

ISFJ — If you met Tanya, you would automatically sense/feel that she totally sucks, and I would judge that to be accurate.

ISFP — You are unlikely to force your opinions or values on others, unlike Tanya, who guilted the FUCK out of me until I agreed to watch “The Tudors” with her.

ESFJ — Warmhearted, conscientious, and cooperative. So, y’know, the exact OPPOSITE of Tanya.

ESFP — You enjoy working with others to make things happen. I tried working with Tanya to build a birdhouse, and it was no fun. She wouldn’t listen to any of my ideas. I tried working with Tanya to build a relationship, and it was even worse.

INTJ — You have an original mind. Tanya, on the other hand, won’t do a damn thing without conferring with her mom, her therapist, her three best friends, Oprah, a fortune cookie, and at least five online sources. But did she ever ask for my advice? No.

INTP — You seek to develop logical explanations for things in your life. But there is no logic to anything Tanya does. Honestly, none.

ENTJ — You enjoy long-term planning and goal-setting. Talking about the long-term with Tanya was an INCREDIBLY stressful experience.

ENTP — But, y’know… maybe I got scared. Thinking about the future, I mean. Maybe I wasn’t ready to talk about such serious things. My anxiety may have manifested as anger. And I think I sort of shut down a little bit.

INFJ — I’m going inside myself a little bit here. I feel that… maybe…I need to cut Tanya some slack. I mean, I’m pretty damn far from perfect. That’s for sure.

INFP — Maybe…maybe all I was ever doing was judging Tanya’s actions, when I should have been perceiving them, and seeing what I could learn. I can’t change her, after all; I can only change myself.

ENFJ — Okay. I’m going to see if Tanya is free for a coffee this week. There may be some things I really need to apologize for.

ENFP — Tanya’s this one. :(

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