Gave Up

So, you kind of still feel like you should still give a shit, or whatever. You occasionally buy cereal that has the word “fiber” on the box, and once, last week, you wore a belt. On purpose. Still, you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that all of this is for naught, as you’ve surrendered to that great, drawn out march towards death already, SMDH! Here are 9 signs that someone can stick a spork in you, because you are tots done:

QVC Host

1. You have a favorite QVC host.


2. You’ve been “really into” this fruity liqueur you recently discovered at the 99 Cent Store.

Sleeping Smoking

3. The only thing you don’t like about sleeping is that you haven’t figured out a way to smoke while you do it.

Native American

4. You’ve been posting Native American memes on your Facebook wall, and you are definitely not Native American.

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