PBH Network’s Awesomest Posts This Week

5. Awesomest Posts Debate Choices

Debate Choices

Well that’s certainly one way to do it. Personally, I like to make my decision based on the quality of their suits.

4. The World’s Most Incredible Cemetaries

Awesomest Posts Incredible Cemeteries

I can’t help thinking these graves look like oven doors. Slightly worrisome resemblance.

3. A Dog Saves His Pals

Dog Saves His Friends

What a brave puppy! And so good at steering a canoe.

2. Awesomest Posts: The Best Pug Costumes Known To Man

Pug Costumes Awesomest Posts

Halloween may be over, but you can dress your pug up anytime! Trust us, it’s awesome.

1. Awesomest Posts: Wine!

Wine Comic

Wine goes with pretty much everything, including discount Halloween candy. So I’d say…just pick one.

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